9 Rich People Who’ve Been Busted for Tax Evasion

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony has been convicted twice of withholding taxes from the government — $2.5 million in 2007, and $3.4 million in 2010. Even though at the time, he and then-wife Jennifer Lopez made a combined total of about $30 million annually, no one is sure why he didn’t pay up for two years running. Anthony claims the failure to pay was a result of mismanagement, but surely, he would have learned his lesson after the first time!


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Heidi Fleiss

Known for being a high-class procurer and Madam, Fleiss was eventually jailed not for pandering (her 1993 conviction was overturned in an appeal after jurors admitted to courtroom infractions) but for tax evasion and money laundering. She was convicted, and sentenced to 37 months in a California prison. Although the sum of her tax bill isn’t public knowledge, celebrities like Charlie Sheen paid upwards of $50,000 per night with some of her girls.

Chris Tucker

One in a series of many celebrities who blamed shoddy management for their tax woes, Chris Tucker racked up approximately $14 million in back taxes over seven years. Most famous for starring in the Rush Hour franchise (for which he earned a total of over $50 million) his failure to pay taxes on a newly purchased Florida mansion landed him in hot water in 2007, and triggered a whole investigation which led to him owing millions to the IRS.


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