9 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

When a celebrity dies unexpectedly, a media firestorm usually follows soon after. The public who consumes the media stories seems to have a never-ending appetite for tragedies such as these, so reporters will do anything they can do to get the scoop on what happened to the famous person in question.

However, the answer isn’t always so easy to discover. Throughout modern history, there have been a number of mysterious celebrity deaths that have gripped the headlines for weeks or even months without ever reaching a clear-cut conclusion.

Celebrities stay in the spotlight from the moment they become famous until they either pass away or fade from fame over time. When it happens that a still-famous person becomes deceased, the public instantly wants as many details as possible regarding their death, and their life in the days leading up to their death.

Of course, if obvious answers aren’t available, the conspiracy theorists often get to work creating their own tall tales that are likely more sensational than the truth. Many of the notable celebrity deaths in the last 100 years have long since been associated with theories that hold little water under closer scrutiny.

The following list includes some of the prominent celebrity deaths in recent memory, along with a few of the details surrounding the situation.


Amelia Earhart

In her time, Earhart was a huge celebrity known for her flying prowess in a field that, at the time, was dominated by men. She was a trailblazer and a record setter, becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, in addition to a number of other notable achievements.

Tragically, at age 39, she disappeared while attempting to circumnavigate the globe. Earhart and her plane have yet to be found to this day, and as a result, countless theories have been developed over the years in an attempt to explain her fate. Most believe that her plane simply ran out of fuel and sank into the Pacific Ocean, but there are a number of other theories that have been presented as well.

Everett Historical / Shutterstock.com

Everett Historical / Shutterstock.com

As it has now been almost than 80 years since that fateful flight, there is a good chance we will never know the true ending to the story.

Marilyn Monroe

The name Marilyn Monroe still resonates to this day, even more than 50 years after her death. Monroe is truly an icon in American history, as people born long after her death are still familiar with her name and image. The official cause of death was listed at acute barbiturate poisoning, with the commonly accepted theory being that Monroe had committed suicide.

Of course, as is usually the case when a celebrity dies unexpectedly, plenty of conspiracy theories have popped up in the decades since her death. Some believe that she was murdered, while others think that the drug overdose was accidental, rather than an intentional suicide. In any case, Monroe passed away at the age of 36, and despite her short life, remains one of the most famous individuals in modern history.

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