9 Most Luxurious Apocalypse Shelters

In the event of an apocalypse, whether it be induced by global warming or a zombie pandemic, most of us will have to get used to living without the comforts and conveniences of modern life — but not the world’s 1%. Plenty of paranoid billionaires are prepping for doomsday by building and buying swanky underground digs that probably cost more (and have more amenities) than your regular house.

Here are 9 fallout shelters you’d be incredibly lucky to reserve a spot in should the end ever come.


Vivos Europa One Shelter


California businessman Robert Vicino decided to combine his love of real estate with his irrational fear of the pending apocalypse and founded his company Vivos in 2007. Vivos is now known for its series of secure and incredibly lavish bomb shelters across the world, the most impressive of which is the Europa One. Originally built by the Soviets, the 76-acre facility lies beneath a limestone mountain in Rothstein, Germany and is said to be able to withstand almost any attack, whether it be a nuclear blast, an armed siege, a tsunami or an earthquake.


Although the individual compartments have yet to be built, each one will have their own 2,500-foot accommodations that can be built to suit the buyer’s needs and requirements (expected to be at “mega-yacht” standards) and can be outfitted with pools, hot tubs, theaters or whatever “necessities” the families might require. In the event of a disaster, Vivos helicopters will usher its tenants from nearby airports to their private paradise below the ground. To reserve a spot for you and your “entourage,” all you need to do is cough up a cool $35,000 per person.


The Silo Home


Back in the 1950s, the U.S. government built hundreds of underground silos that housed Atlas-F missiles that could be detonated in the event of a nuclear war. Luckily that war never came and the silos have since been abandoned, but one location in upstate New York has been turned into an extravagant emergency dwelling known as “The Silo Home.”

Cousins Gregory Gibbons and Bruce Francisco purchased the silo in 1991 and have been working on converting it ever since. The Silo Home lies 40 feet below ground and has been renovated to include a 2,000-pound impenetrable door, a stone spiral staircase, master bedroom suite, a fireplace and a Jacuzzi tub. After 20 years of renovations, the house finally was completed and put on the market in 2011 and the 185-acre property, which is built on Adirondack State Park land, is worth an estimated $1.76 million dollars.

Safe House

If you want the safety features of a nuclear shelter but with the style of a Hollywood mansion, for just $5.9 million you could survive the apocalypse in the swanky Safe House. Built by Al Corbi, founder and CEO of S.A.F.E. (Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments) this elegant 7,744 square foot five bedroom home comes with rooftop helipad, two panic rooms and a pair of “safe cores” that can be sealed off from the rest of the house with a series of intricately locking doors. If all that wasn’t impressive enough, it also comes equipped with a commercial grade pizza oven!

Corbi is lucky enough to live in this incredible house along with his family who we imagine will be partying their way through the end of the world should it ever occur.

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