9 Most Expensive Beauty Treatments

It seems that society is completely obsessed with beauty and youth – it’s hard to turn on the television without having to watch at least a few commercials on new “breakthrough” lotions and “age defying” creams. This is all well and good if you can test some of these with a few extra dollars — but what about when they cost more than a month’s worth of mortgage payments and half of your kid’s university tuition? Take a look below at our list of some of the most expensive beauty treatments in the world:

La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare

Developed in Switzerland, this high-end treatment costs $588 per ounce and contains the most precious metal on earth: platinum. Maybe you’ll think twice about cleaning your face at night knowing that you’re washing all that money right down the drain.



Orlane Crème Royale

This antioxidant and skin firming treatment costs a pretty penny at $382 per ounce. Not only is this high cost cream sparkling with 24K gold, but it also contains Royal Jelly, the sweet substance that honeybees feed to their young larvae. If you wake up with ants on your face, then you’ll definitely know why.



Diamond Peel Facial

Cucumbers not cutting it anymore? Try a diamond facial, which exfoliates, removes toxins and evens skin tone. These don’t come cheap though — a single treatment can cost upwards of $7000. If you’re feeling generous, you may want to pull a Mila Kunis and add in a few rubies too.



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Caviar Treatment

Who knew that spreading fish eggs all over your skin would hydrate, firm and even heal the body? This calming peel-off treatment will drain your funds pretty quickly at about $250 per hour and a half. It might be cheaper to grab a rod and head to the local river…



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Love handles got you down? Wishing you could drop that nagging extra flab without the hassle of working out? Noninvasive and effortless, Zeltiq Cold Sculpting destroys excess fat in the body through a process of sucking fat into a chilled suction cup – the cold destroys the fat cells and the liver removes the dead weight from the body over the next few months. The average price of this treatment is $2000. If you’re getting ideas about putting your water glasses in the freezer, stop right now – leave this one to the professionals.




If you have the extra cash and are looking to splurge on a beauty treatment, then give Cryotherapy a shot. This icy treatment involves you stepping in a freezing chamber which takes your skin temperatures down to zero degrees Celsius. This stimulates receptors resulting in decreases in stress, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, as well as various skin conditions. Treatments start at $50 – $100 a session, but don’t expect results unless you’re in it for the long haul – beauticians recommend a minimum of ten sessions. Please keep out of your basement meat freezer – it doesn’t quite work that way.



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