9 Most Expensive Airline Tickets

The world’s elite do almost everything with style, and air travel is no exception. Next time you’re stuck in economy class without any leg room and next to a smelly guy who keeps falling asleep on your shoulder, close your eyes and imagine you’re on one of these luxurious airlines instead.

Virgin Atlantic, New York to Singapore

Fly like Richard Branson on one of Virgin Atlantic so-called “Upper Class” routes, which will cost you around $10,000 each way if you’re going to Singapore. The ticket includes a chauffeur car service to take to you the airport, private security lines, a “Clubhouse” lounge for you to wait in, top-notch food, flat beds nestled in private seating pods and loads of other amenities. Someday we hope to take one of Virgin’s luxurious flights somewhere a little further away than Singapore.

1-Virgin-AtlanticIanC66 / Shutterstock.com