9 Celebs With Notoriously Lavish Spending Habits

Justifying ridiculously expensive purchases is a story we’ve all tried to spin at one point or another. The dopamine rush you receive treating yourself to a bit of retail therapy is a real phenomenon, with the inevitable crash coming a few days later when you’re in the supermarket having to choose between milk and bread. Even then, our moments of madness are nothing in comparison to those exhibited by celebrities.

There may not be a cocktail more intoxicating than fame and fortune. An inflated ego matched by an ever growing bank account allows a person to indulge every whim and desire they might have. Thanks to media outlets like TMZ, we’re now able to document and witness the ridiculous amounts of money spent by celebrities. Naturally, this has led to many celebs being publicly shamed and admonished for their lack of financial sense.

With that said, here’s a list of nine celebrities with infamous spending habits that you won’t believe are true:

Lady Gaga

A poker face was probably need when those close to Lady Gaga were informed that she spent over $60,000 on 27 Koi Carp to fill her tank at home. A giant sum to most, Lady Gaga’s estimated net worth of $230 million makes this purchase seem almost irrelevant.

Everett Collection / Shutterstock