8 Video Games That Were Turned Into Movies (But Shouldn’t Have Been)

Once regarded as a hobby for shut-ins and teenagers, video games have gained the kind of popularity that can make billionaires out of their developers. In fact, some gamers are even going “professional” and earning sizeable prizes in eSports competitions. The point is: video games are big business.

Unsurprisingly, Hollywood has long sought to tap into video games’ popularity for its own advantage. However, the folks in charge of these adaptations have really yet to crack the code. In the entire time that such films have been made, none has managed to be good enough to earn a rating higher than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes… still, some adaptations have made hundreds of millions of dollars. So, there’s that at least!

Below, you’ll find 8 of the most notable video games that were later turned into movies. Two of these videos games have yet to see their movies’ release, and the rest would probably wish that they hadn’t. Seriously, there’s almost no surer poison at the box office than the words “the movie based upon the video game.” God help you if you’ve seen some of these stinkers.

1. Angry Birds

Here’s a question for you: Is a smartphone without at least one Angry Birds game on it really a smartphone at all? The simple gameplay of the Angry Birds series, which takes advantage of the incredibly intuitive touch controls that smartphones can offer, is one of the highest-grossing mobile games of all time. Even if you’re inclined to hate it, you can’t. It’s that fun.

Well, Hollywood smells the money in the water, and they’re set to capitalize on Angry Birds’ popularity soon. The film is coming in May 2016 and includes an all-star cast featuring and sketch comedy duo Smosh and comedian Jason Sudeikis, who will be voicing the Red the red bird. Will it be better than the other video game adaptations on this list? We’re not holding our breath…