8 Valuable Toys From Your Childhood You Should’ve Held Onto

Kids love toys – that isn’t breaking news. Even at just a few months old, kids show an affinity for their favorite toys, and things only grow from there. Throughout childhood, most kids will never stray far from the toys they love to play with, although the list of favored toys is sure to change as they get older and older.

Parents, for their part, also love toys because of everything they have to offer – educational benefits, distraction, and just plain fun. As a bonus, most kids’ toys are priced moderately (at least compared to grown-up toys), so you don’t have to break the bank when finding something for the little ones to do.

However, just because kids’ toys start out relatively cheap, doesn’t mean they always stay that way. In fact, there are some toys you may have played with when you were a kid that are now worth incredible sums of money. Most toys wind up in a bin to be given away to other children at some point, but those that stick around in the back of the closet could wind up having impressive value.

The following list includes a few toys that you may remember from your childhood – and you will certainly wish that you still owned them, if only for the money they could have put in your pocket.

Old Video Games

Of course, video games remain just as popular now as they ever were, if not more so. However, that doesn’t mean you should just chuck your old gaming system into the trash in favor of an Xbox One. If you happened to keep your old system – such as a Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, or Super Nintendo – you could potentially sell that unit for a couple hundred bucks or more. Obviously, that kind of money isn’t going to set you up for an early retirement, but it would be a nice return for something that likely hasn’t been used in at least a decade.

Stefano Tinti / Shutterstock.com

Stefano Tinti / Shutterstock.com

Beanie Babies (Maybe)

One of the difficult things about assessing the value of your old toys is figuring out exactly what model you own. It is true that some Beanie Babies now sell for hundreds of dollars – and it is also true that the majority sell for next to nothing (if they sell at all). If you find yourself in possession of one of the rarer models, you could be in luck. However, more than likely you’re holding on to something that has no financial value whatsoever at this point.

TMNT Action Figures

Who didn’t love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The movies were incredibly popular, and they spawned a variety of other products such as video games, collectibles, and more. The action figures were another successful part of the TMNT brand, and some of those figures today can be worth several hundred dollars in the right condition.

As is typically the case, the older action figures are worth more, and those that have been kept as close to new as possible will always be preferred. Unfortunately for your pocket book, most kids played with these toys far too much for them to be worth anything today.

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