8 Sports Only Rich People Play

When you’re fabulously wealthy, you don’t slum it on the basketball court or the baseball diamond; sports involving balls made from animal hides are for poor people. Instead the world’s elite dedicate their time to more extravagant pursuits that involve riding said animals or using lots of pricey equipment. Here are eight sports that we’re guessing you’re probably too poor to play.


Let’s face it; a lot of rich people are old. It takes time to build up those fortunes! So what better way for a wealthy old white guy to spend a day than riding around on a golf cart, throwing back drinks and occasionally getting out to whack a ball with some really expensive sticks?

Golf has long been known as a favourite pastime of the wealthy. The fees are high, the clubs are pricey, and skill comes only with practice and/or professional lessons which can cost you an arm and a leg. While professional golf organizations claim to want to promote inclusivity within the sport, famous old rich white guy Donald Trump, who owns a number of golf courses, thinks that only rich people should be allowed to play golf, and that everyone else should just work hard and “aspire to play eventually.”


If you want to play golf but you’re too lazy to get off the cart and walk, polo is the sport for you. Basically golf meets hockey on horseback, polo has been nicknamed “The Sport of Kings” and is considered to be one of the oldest team sports in history.

Known for its surrounding glamour on and off the field, polo spectators are usually dressed to the nines and sipping on champagne at $50,000 VIP tables. The Royal Family plays it on the reg; what more do you need to know?



There’s a reason why “I’m on a boat!” is a thing. Boats are expensive! If everyone had a boat, why would anyone feel the need to excitedly proclaim they were on one?

Rich people love showing off their boats, and there’s no better way to do it then to partake in the sport of sailing. To sail, first you will of course need to drop some money on a boat which can run you a few (hundred) thousand dollars for a decent barge. Then you need somewhere to moor the boat, like a yacht club which you can get into for the low price of up to $4 million plus annual dues. Then there are the maintenance fees, the race entry fees if you really want to open her up, the special boat shoes (so important!), the cool white hat… should we keep going?

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