8 Celebrities Who Successfully Recovered From Scandals

Everyone knows that celebrities are governed by a different set of rules than the rest of us. It’s amazing the kind of bad behavior we are willing to forgive and forget from someone who is rich and famous. Here are 8 celebrities who, despite being involved in scandals, have continued to have illustrious careers.

Kobe Bryant

Basketball fans recently said goodbye to one of the greatest legends of the court, Kobe Bryant. The celebrated LA Laker played the final game of his career earlier this April in front of a sold out stadium of fans, while admiration and accolades piled in from commentators, other athletes and celebrities. But aren’t we forgetting about something?

In 2003, Bryant allegedly raped a 19-year-old female hotel employee in Colorado. The woman claims that Bryant requested a personal tour of the hotel and afterwards invited her into his room where she says he choked and assaulted her. Bryant himself admitted to having relations with the woman but insisted it was consensual; however, evidence suggests otherwise: not only did the woman show signs of having been choked and raped, but her blood was found on Bryant’s shirt.

After being identified and subsequently raked over the coals by the police, the media and the public, the woman withdrew her accusations and the charges were dropped. Bryant publically apologized to the woman (strange, since he claims to have done nothing wrong), settled out of court in a civil suit and famously bought his wife a $4 million “apology ring” which, sadly, is what most people now remember most about the scandal.

plavevski / Shutterstock.com
plavevski / Shutterstock.com