7 Worst Gambling Losses in History

In the last 30 years, the amount you can lose at a casino has increased dramatically. Casinos are always prepared to loan people money to get them hooked, before calling in their debt almost as soon as they leave the casino floor.

These high rollers made their fortunes in many different ways, but they were all similar in the amount of money they managed to throw away on the roulette wheel or baccarat table. Check out the list below for the 7 worst gambling losses in history:

Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer is most famous for being Australia’s richest man, and in 2000, he lost almost $20.7 million in a three-day baccarat binge in Las Vegas. At the time, this was believed to be the biggest loss in Las Vegas, but it only represents a fraction of what Packer lost over a period of about 10 months in that same year.

It’s estimated that he gambled away almost $42 million that year alone. Sources claim that baccarat is Packer’s favourite game, although he doesn’t appear to be that great a player.

These losses aren’t a deterrent to Packer, who is estimated to be worth about $5 billion. His other favorite hobby is polo, and his team, Ellerston, was recently able to acquire two new star player because of his generous financial contributions.