7 Sexiest Billionaire Women

These ladies are smart, savvy, sexy, and super richand we’re super jealous! From heiresses to vast family fortunes to superwoman CEOs, they’re smart and attractive, and seem to have it all going on.

Whether you wish you were one, or were dating one, these hot billionaire women are giving us some major girl crushes right now. These wealthy women can afford the fashions we all want and fit them perfectly with their supermodel bodies.

Check out these 7 sexiest billionaire women:

Georgina Bloomberg

Although her father may be New York City Mayor, Georgina hasn’t been living of off daddy’s money. This NYU graduate is a published author and award-winning horse racer. She stays out of the socialite spotlight and spends her time on charity endeavors instead. Although she is rich and gorgeous, she still has a head on her shoulders and is a mother to her young son Jasper. Her family is estimated to be worth $11 million.