7 Richest CEOs of Nonprofits

The word “nonprofit” might not conjure to mind the jetset lifestyle, but nonprofit leaders can’t work for free. It takes talent to channel millions in donations into charity programming.

Many nonprofit leaders are highly trained professionals with huge demands on their time. Still, most charity donors don’t realize they might be funding a CEO-level salary. Watchdog groups like CharityNavigator and CharityWatch dig into nonprofit tax returns every year to see just how much dough flows to the C-suite and found that 17 charities paid their CEOs over $1 million last year.

Here’s a list of the top nonprofit CEOs making millions. Are these execs worth their paychecks?

7. Brian Gallagher, United Way Worldwide

President and CEO Brian Gallagher made a comfortable $1.2 million last year heading the popular United Way. The “world’s largest privately-funded nonprofit,” the United Way works to improve health, education, and incomes for communities in the USA and in 32 other countries around the world. Gallagher moved up the ladder from a lowly management trainee at the United Way to his current million-dollar role.

World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum

Gallagher holds an MBA from Emory and an honorary degree from his undergraduate alma mater Ball State. Gallagher certainly has a lot on his plate raising two young daughters and serving on four different boards in his spare time.