7 Rich Families That Are Cursed

While many people frequently spend time daydreaming about what it would be like to be rich, the fact of the matter is that rich people have many of the same problems that the rest of the world has to deal with on a daily basis. Sure, rich folks don’t need to concern themselves with how to pay rent or buy dinner, but no one can escape the reality of being human. People of all economic backgrounds face real challenges each and every day, and the ultra-wealthy are no different.

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For examples of this fact, we only need to look to a variety of rich families that seem be be cursed. Now, of course, these families aren’t actually cursed in the mystical sense. Rather, they have simply had negative events occur inside or around the family over the years. Sometimes these are tragic events, while other times they relate to a financial loss or professional setback. Whatever the case, the issues that have been dealt with by the rich families on the list below highlight the theme that no amount of money can ever allow someone to escape the realities of human life.

Here’s a collection of rich families whose lives haven’t exactly taken the rosy path that you might have expected. The next time you’re feeling like you need a big pile of money to solve all of your problems, remember some of the names on this list to remind yourself that even a long list of zeroes at the end of your bank balance won’t fix everything.

Cecil W. Stoughton / Own Work

Cecil W. Stoughton / Own Work

The Kennedy Family

You probably could have guessed that the Kennedy family would be first on this list. After all, the Kennedys have been a prominent American family for generations, and they are just as well known for tragedy as they are for their many accomplishments. In fact, if the history of the Kennedys were made into a fictional movie, no one would believe the plot line to be even remotely realistic.


A partial list of the tragedies that have befallen this family includes the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968, the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. along with his wife and her sister in a plane crash in 1999, and more. Despite all the wealth and power that has been held by this famous family through the years, they have endured more difficulties than any one family should have to deal with.

Toni Frissell / Library of Congress

Toni Frissell / Library of Congress

The Getty Family

Rising to the top of Forbes list of the richest people in the world is no small feat, but that is exactly what John Paul Getty was able to accomplish back in the 1950s. Made rich through his oil company, Getty had more money than he could have ever spend. Unfortunately, there were a series of challenges to come in the years ahead that would make his money seem trivial.

The mafia kidnapped one of his grandsons for ransom money, he would be married a total of five times, and his daughter in law would die from a drug overdose. Thanks to his notoriously thrifty ways, Getty Sr. would remain wealthy throughout his life, but he faced many difficult times along the way.

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