7 Most Highly Paid Football Players

You might think that the highest paid football players would be the sport’s most well-known players, and while that seems like a reasonable conclusion to make, the actual list might surprise you. Sure, there are some famous names on this list, but there’s also some big names like Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck that don’t make the list.

Here are the seven highest paid players in football, and some interesting facts on how they spend their money – as you might have guessed, they don’t always spend it wisely!

Drew Brees: $19 Million

Starting off the top 7 list is Drew Brees, and the New Orleans Saints quarterback has the numbers to justify his high salary. He’s won awards at every level he’s played and in 2010 he helped the Saints win the Super Bowl to reach the pinnacle of the sport. He hasn’t been able to repeat this success, but he has been back to the playoffs a couple of times since that Super Bowl success, although at 36, time is starting to run out on his chances of getting back to the big show.

Brees is probably most famous off the field for his work alongside his wife in establishing The Brees Dream Foundation. This worthwhile organization was established to help fight cancer and to help children in need. It kind of restores your faith in humanity just a little bit to know there are some big time athletes that actually give back just a little.



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J.J. Watt: $19.969 Million

J.J. Watt is one player that’s probably worth every penny of his huge salary. This guy has devoted his life to football, which is probably the reason the defensive end is the only other non-quarterback on this list. Known for his punishing tackles and versatility, the Houston Texans have a real winner here. He’s only played 4 NFL seasons, but he’s already one of the league’s top defensive players.


Off the field he doesn’t get into a lot of trouble; in fact, he devotes so much time for football, he hardly has any time for personal relationships, although at 26 and making $19.969 million a year, I’m sure there’s no shortage of women who would love to change that.

Jay Cutler: $20.5 Million

Cutler is the fourth quarterback in the top seven highest paid football players list and he definitely has his fair share of critics that think he’s simply not worth the money he’s paid. The Chicago Bears are one of the NFL’s most famous franchises but they haven’t made the Playoffs since 2010, which is extremely frustrating for their legion of fans who rightly question why Cutler’s being paid all that money if he can’t even get his team into the first round of the playoffs.


He hasn’t been a very controversial figure off the field, but his wife has. In a recent tweet she stated that Chicago just didn’t feel like home which, not surprisingly, wasn’t very popular with Bears fans.


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