7 Most Gourmet Un-Gourmet Foods

Truffled French Fries

Anything made from a mushroom that can cost up to $1500 a pound is bound to be expensive, and truffled French fries are no different. Truffle oil is the key to making regular old French fries acceptable to head chefs in fancy restaurants worldwide. To make this fungal masterpiece, the highest quality potatoes are chosen and then lightly covered in truffle oil, sprinkled with garlic (drool), baked and then sprinkled with parmesan cheese while still hot (more drool).


Fried Bologna Sandwiches

No one ever wants to think too hard about bologna, and I don’t blame them. What is it? Where does it come from? Well, luckily there are now gourmet versions of this pink paste available that leave little to the imagination. Fried bologna sandwiches featuring homemade bologna – consisting of any type of pureed meat, including game, veal, duck, beef, pork or chicken – have been called the next big thing in food. So now you can finally feel comfortable admitting that these salty sammies are actually your fave.



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Beans and Weens

It may seem crazy to try to improve upon this simple yet sophisticated American classic consisting of a can of baked beans and a package of hot dogs; however, it has been done and done well. All you need to take this dish to the next level is, well, toss the hot dogs and substitute some Italian sausage. Then stuff that sausage with some quality cheesy bread, then wrap with expensive bacon and add some beans stewed in tomato compote. Okay, so the recipe may be entirely different, but at least the name is the same — and that’s the best part!




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