7 Most Expensive Things Ever Purchased on eBay

Not Just a Boat

To call this last item on our list a “boat” would be a dramatic understatement. No, with a name like “Gigayacht,” you’re more than just a boat. Also, with a length of 405 feet, this yacht looks more like a small building (or a small city) than it does a boat. In 2006, this yacht was sold at auction on eBay for the handsome sum of $168 million. To say the least, that qualifies it as by far the most expensive purchase ever made on eBay.

Among the various amenities included on the Gigayacht are a gym, a movie theater, a spa, a helicopter pad, and more. Basically, anything you can find on land (expensive land, that is), you can find on this yacht. There perhaps is no one item that is more closely associated with wealth than a yacht, and this ship perfectly demonstrates the idea of spending huge sums on money on an eBay auction. Until a similar ship finds its way onto the eBay listings, this sale is likely to hold onto the title of most expensive sale in the site’s history.

Most likely, you’re never going to make any purchases on eBay that come anywhere close to the incredible prices paid for these luxuries. However, this list is a fun look at the scope of the hugely popular auction site. In the end, that just might be what makes eBay such a well-regarded site – it can serve anyone, with any budget, searching for just about any item.

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