7 Most Expensive Things Ever Purchased on eBay

eBay is great. It’s an ideal place to search for any number of things, from popular consumer goods to hard-to-find items that you need to fill in a set or fix something that has broken. There are countless reasons why you could find yourself shopping on eBay, as it’s often the perfect place to get a good deal without having to drive all around town going from store to store.

However, eBay is not exempt from experiencing the occasional opulent purchase. These are not auctions that will appeal to the common man – they’re sales that are only for the richest of the rich. Despite having a reputation as somewhere you can go to get a great deal, eBay has also seen a number of incredibly expensive transactions over the years. The following list will highlight a few of the priciest deals ever closed on the popular auction site.

Honus Wagner Card

The name Honus Wagner strikes a chord with all baseball card collectors. While Wagner himself was a fine player many years ago, he remains relevant today due to the scarcity of his baseball cards. A limited number were ever printed, meaning that each surviving card takes on an incredible value.

More than a decade ago, one of those cards landed on eBay, and the auction eventually closed with a winning bid of $1.1 million. It might be hard to believe that a small piece of cardboard could sell for such a staggering price, but such is the world of collectibles – especially when it comes to baseball. Those who own a rare Wagner card are extremely proud of their possession, even if that means having to fork over seven figures to join the club.

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