7 Most Expensive Degrees You Can Get

When researching a college or university to attend after high school, the price tag isn’t supposed to have an impact on where you choose to go. After all, your post-secondary education sets the path for your career and life choices after graduation. However, some schools in the United States set their tuition so high that it’s simply ridiculous to think anyone could actually afford it!

Many of the programs on the list below cost over $100,000 per year, which makes it almost unattainable to anyone other than millionaires and folks who are lucky enough to get a full scholarship. Check this list out, and figure out if you think any of the programs below are worth the money.

Vassar College – Media Studies Program

If you can’t get enough of media, and want to make it your career, you should definitely check out Vassar College. Located in the scenic Hudson Valley of New York state, the liberal arts college was founded in 1861, and has been known throughout its history for being very selective. The media studies program emphasizes an interrelated approach to studying all of the different types of media, and once admitted, students can look forward to studying media from the Bible to the most up-to-the-moment pop culture unfolding around them. One unique aspect of this program is the Senior project, which requires students to organize a unique solo project to be presented to faculty by the end of the year.

Sabatheus (Jim Mills) / Own Work
Sabatheus (Jim Mills) / Own Work

Although it may not seem that expensive relative to the other schools on this list, the Vassar College program rings in at $223,525 — the most expensive Media Studies program in the country.