7 MLB Stars Who Went Broke

Bill Buckner

The former batting title holder is probably best known for the error that many claimed lost the World Series for the Red Sox. The Curse of the Bambino clearly affected Buckner’s financial decisions also. Heavily invested in the automobile industry when the US economy hit the crapper in 2008, Buckner’s dealerships failed miserably. And who gambles on the profitability of Idaho subdivisions? Bill Buckner, of course.

Tony Gwynn

Another sad one. The late great batting king – Mr. Padre – was a minor league money manager. Although Tony made tremendous money during his twenty years in Major League Baseball, he squandered it on bad investments and bad favors for his friends. Tony’s friend, agent and attorney, Lew Muller, took Gwynn to the cleaners by using him as a cosigner on purchase after purchase. When all those bills weren’t paid, Tony got stuck with the check. Unfortunately, all the friends disappear when you are falling. RIP.

Photo Works / Shutterstock.com

Photo Works / Shutterstock.com

Lenny Dykstra

This guy’s a financial dope and a real SOB. While raking in tons of cash as a Met and a Philly, Dykstra was making real boneheaded investment deals with shady real estate companies and financial planners. Although he listed his 2008 net worth at nearly 60 million, Dykstra was in federal bankruptcy court two years later. Things got so bad for “Nails,” that he started selling his baseball memorabilia while sleeping in his car and hotel lobbies. Lenny did some well-deserved time, too. Six months in a federal prison for bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, and all the fixings.

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