7 MLB Stars Who Went Broke

While the HGH-fueled bulklords receive all of the scrutiny these days, MLB’s financial dopes are the bigger epidemic. For every Jeter who knows how to manage the cash flow and be a bit discriminate with the decision making, there’s a Dykstra who will beg, cheat and steal to keep the bling-bling lifestyle going. Here’s a list of some of baseball’s biggest financial busts.

Gaylord Perry

It’s hard not to call old Gaylord a slow southerner. I’ll save the cheater label for another day. Making the rounds and good money with 8 different teams while pitching in MLB, Perry decided to give tobacco and peanut farming a go after retirement. Within five years of opening his 500 acre enterprise, the tobacco market and Gaylord’s fortune went up in smoke. Forced into retail sales, Perry scraped by until a small South Carolina college asked him to revive a baseball program.