7 Killers Who Did It for the Money

Antonio D. Barbeau and Nathan J. Paape

Just when we thought nobody could top the petty motive Alan Hruby had, we stumbled upon this tragic story. Two 13-year-old Wisconsin boys named Antonio Barbeau and Nathan Paape supposedly went to the home of Barbeau’s great grandmother, 78-year-old Barbara J. Olson “to get some money.” There, the two boys killed Olson with a hammer and a hatchet, ransacked the house, took her change, stole her car and went out for pizza.

Paape and Barbeau were both sentenced to life in prison and will not be eligible for parole until they are aged 45 and 50 respectively.

berna namoglu / Shutterstock.com

berna namoglu / Shutterstock.com

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