7 Highest Celebrity Appearance Fees

Are you tired of just admiring celebrities from afar? Do you want your next event to be driven by pure star-power? For only a few thousand (or million) dollars, here are seven celebrities that you can hire to come host your next party, privately serenade you or just do some light yard-work if you offer them enough.

Kim Kardashian

Kim K gets a lot of flak for supposedly not achieving her fame through a craft, like most of her celebrity actor and musician cohorts have; but if anything we should be impressed with how far she’s gone on so little talent. That takes work! Kim has been hustling the celebrity appearance circuit for years and went from earning $50,000 for store appearances to making $500,000 for ‘co-hosting’ an event in Nigeria… for 45 minutes. However, if you can’t afford Kim, you can get the rest of her sisters for significantly less.


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A mall show sounds like it would be beneath a huge superstar like Rihanna, but not if that mall is willing to pay $8 million. That’s how much the Westfield Shopping Center in Stratford, UK coughed up to have the Barbadian songstress flip the switch on their Christmas light display and play a show for 20,000 fans. When she’s not playing shopping malls, she’s getting paid $100,000 just to sit in the front row at the hottest fashion runway shows and $500,000 for private events.


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Shannon Doherty

Shannon Doherty might not charge the exorbitant fees that some celebs do, but considering she hasn’t done much since she appeared on 90210 and Charmed back in the day, it’s a bit odd that she’s still demanding up to $300,000 for appearances. Did anyone out there really like Brenda THAT much? If you need 90s TV stars so badly, Joey Lawrence would probably do it for a song and a catered lunch.


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