7 Demonic Possessions That Might Be True

The world is full of dark corners that are, as of this writing, untouched by the illuminating light of modern science. Before you start rolling your eyes like you’re auditioning for an Exorcist remake, here me out.

Exorcists and exorcisms are growing in popularity. Violent crime is at a steady rise, alcohol abuse is a constant, and even our collective mental health is on the decline. We can attack these issues from a sociological perspective. After all, inequality, a lack of formal education, and the death of the platonic family have been shown to contribute to civic unrest. But, maybe there’s more to it than that. The people featured in these seen stories certainly believe that to be the case.

Today, we explore some noteworthy, real-world examples of demonic possession in practice. Murders, hauntings, death, destruction … are they the product of mental lapses and human error? Perhaps we should leave ourselves open to the possibility that there are some things, no matter how hard we try, that are beyond human comprehension. Read ahead and decide for yourself.

7. Robert the Doll

Robert the Doll is a pock-marked, pre-pubescent, 111-year-old doll that’s terrifying to look at in his own right. He currently resides at the Fort East Martello Museum in Florida. But, before that, he was paving a path of destruction, fear, and death.

You see, Robert the Doll is far from ordinary. Over his 111-year life, he’s been accused of orchestrating car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce, and much, much more.


The toy originally belonged to Robert Eugene Otto. The doll was given to him as a gift by his grandfather. Otto would develop a strange relationship with the doll and credited the doll for many of his life’s pratfalls. Others that knew the two would often back-up these sinister claims.

6. Pat Reading

Pat Reading’s life was that of your typical American mother — with one significant difference. The Litchfield, Connecticut native believed that she was being watched. She swore up and down that her home was haunted. A haunting that would manifest itself with strange knocking sounds on the walls and rearranged furniture.

Eventually, the hauntings would do her physical harm. Black and blue marks would appear on her body, she would scream uncontrollably, and, sometimes, feel an indescribable pain. Doctors’ appointments revealed no psychosis or disease.

Eventually, Reading contracted a local Bishop to perform a series of exorcisms. In total, Pat would endure 16 exorcisms, none of which were successful. Paranormal investigator John Zaffis would go on to chalk the whole thing up to an evil supernatural force.

D-Keine / Getty Images

5. Robbie Mannheim

You don’t have to have watched William Friedkin’s iconic horror flick, The Exorcist with a notepad for the film’s general themes to stick with you. I mean, the story is fairly self-explanatory. A demon takes over a child’s body and all sorts of nasty things start happening. What you may not know about the film though, is that it was actually inspired by the curious 1949 case of Robbie Mannheim.

In 1949, Mannheim was diagnosed with “possession” and prescribed an exorcism by his Maryland area church. “Robbie Mannheim” is actually just a moniker, as the child’s real name has never been released to the public.

The usually even-tempered child would spit at the priests, threaten them with violence, and even make vulgar pronouncements. His body would produce strange markings and he would physically fight those attempting to come to his aid. The boy’s body was eventually rid of the demon and claimed to have absolutely no recollection of the traumatic events.

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