7 Coffees More Expensive Than Starbucks

For many people, coffee in the morning is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a luxury. If you prefer your jolt of caffeine to come with a side of extravagance, try one of these 7 rare and expensive coffees from around the world.

Monkey Spit Coffee

Liao Jingdong had enjoyed a 30 year career as a humble Taiwanese coffee farmer when one day he had a brilliant idea: to roast beans that had been spat out by the Formosan rock monkeys. He struck gold that day, finding that the beans took on a sweeter vanilla-like flavour once spat out by the monkeys. Jingdong now produces around 600 lbs a year and it’s considered a rarity, selling for about $60 per pound.

Monkey Spit Coffee
C.K.Ma / Shutterstock