7 Babies Who Are Richer Than You

While you’re munching on dry ramen noodles and drinking off-brand soda, read about these seven babies who, unfortunately, are probably richer than you’ll ever be.

Prince George

Born to Prince William and Kate Middleton (aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) in what might be the biggest genetic lottery win ever, 2-year-old Prince George is third in line for the throne and is set to one day inherit a cool $1 billion from his House of Windsor relatives. In addition to being a billionaire prince, he’s also a style icon, trendsetter and a big brother to the newest “Royal Baby,” Princess Charlotte.



Lorna Roberts / Shutterstock

Blue Ivy Carter

Equally deserving of the “Royal Baby” title is the offspring of King Jay and Queen Bey, Blue Ivy Carter.

Her parents Jay-Z and Beyoncé rented out an entire hospital floor for her birth at the cost of $1.3 million dollars and baby Blue has been living the life ever since. Blue takes naps in a $20,000 coach-style crib and spills pureed green beans all over a $15,000 Swarovski-encrusted high-chair. But don’t think Blue isn’t going to work for what she has; shortly after her birth her parents trademarked her name meaning that one day little baby Blue could be a billion dollar brand.



Vivian Lake Brady

Even if she doesn’t inherit her mother Gisele Bundchen’s great beauty or her father Tom Brady’s renowned athleticism, Vivian Lake Brady is going to be just fine. She probably doesn’t want for much, between her mom’s 8 year running title as the world’s highest paid supermodel and her dad’s lucrative deal with the New England Patriots that included a $30 million signing bonus. While the Bradys don’t flaunt their fancy baby purchases the way some celebs do, you can only imagine the opulence little Vivian must be living in considering her parents built a custom $20 million mansion, complete with an entire nursery wing.


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