6 Sexiest Billionaire Men

Tall, dark, and handsome – does that describe your dream man? What if he happened to be a billionaire too?

Some men are just that lucky. They make millions of dollars or have a rich family to fall back on and happen to have devilishly good looks to match. Whether he’s a mobile app CEO or a royal bachelor, these men seem to have it all. These heartbreaking hotties are a rare breed but they are out there.

While you may not run into one at your local supermarket or cross paths at the mall on the weekend, you can still daydream about these dream dudes. Check out the 6 sexiest billionaire men and be prepared to drool just a little bit.

Nathaniel Rothschild

This British billionaire has dated supermodels and famous American actress Natalie Portman, but is rumored to be single now. His family is known for their famous banking brand and he is estimated to be worth at least $2 billion. Though he may be a little older, he is well known for his fortune, class, and appearances at charity events with his family.