6 Insanely Successful People (Who Had a Lot of Help)

You’re always hearing about celebrities who made it big despite the odds; those who were poor or unconnected who, through sheer will and tenacity, made it to where they were today. Hollywood loves a good underdog story, which is probably why these six celebrities, who had a lot of help, are so quiet about their own not-so-humble beginnings.

Taylor Swift

Arguably the biggest pop star in the world right now, Taylor Swift has made a name for herself by singing about her poor, oft-trampled heart and her underdog, “she wears short-skirts, I wear T-shirts” girl-next-door mentality. It would be true… if you lived next door to a billionaire.

Swift descends from a long line of bank presidents and both her parents are high-flyers in the financial industry, her father most notably being an advisor for Merrill Lynch. While Swift’s stage persona would have you believe she spent her teenage years as a dorky outcast who was riding around town on a charming vintage bicycle, she was actually driving around in her own Lexus convertible. When Swift wanted to pursue a career in country music, her father relocated to Merrill Lynch’s Nashville office, invested in the small record company that signed Taylor, and the rest is history.

Press Line Photos / Shutterstock.com
Press Line Photos / Shutterstock.com