5 Twitter Beef Predictions for 2016

There’s nothing we love more than a big juicy slice of celebrity Twitter beef. Watching two people try to prove their point and take public shots at one another in 140 characters or less is perhaps the purest form of entertainment available to us today. Here are five Twitter beefs we think (hope!) will happen in 2016.

Nicki Minaj vs Norm Kelly

Meek Mills must be a masochist or something, because he keeps picking Twitter fights despite the fact he always seems to lose them – badly. Last year, the Philadelphia rapper started talking trash about Canadian rapper Drake, which didn’t sit well with Toronto City Counsellor and professional “Cool Old Guy” Norm Kelly. Kelly responded by telling Mills he was “no longer welcome in Toronto” and even retweeted a photo of Meek with a pile of cash along with the caption, “When your girl lets you take pics with her money.”

Meek’s girl is none other than rapper and expert trash talker Nicki Minaj, who has been involved in a few Twitter beefs of her own. We expect that in 2016, Minaj will break her silence and come to her man’s defense should Kelly try to mess with him again.  If that does happen, Norm better look out, because Minaj certainly isn’t one to mince words.


Donald Trump vs John Oliver

Really, when is Donald Trump NOT in a Twitter feud with somebody? We’re surprised that the Republican presidential frontrunner hasn’t taken to his keyboard yet to defend himself against John Oliver’s recent hilarious and spot-on attacks about everything from Trump’s name (#makeDonaldDrumpfagain) to the size of Trump’s hands, to the size of, well… other things.


Known for being notoriously thin skinned, Trump’s lack of response thus far has made us wonder if the Last Week Tonight host has achieved the unthinkable and actually silenced Donald Trump. It’s more likely that Trump is actually keeping his word and trying to act “more presidential” by letting these jabs go, but we predict that after he loses the 2016 election (fingers crossed) that he will be back at it and tweeting pictures of his infantile fingers at Oliver every chance he gets.


Stacey Dash vs Chrissy Teigen

Remember Stacey Dash, aka Dee from Clueless? Yeah, we don’t really either. Apparently Dash is now a conservative commentator and a Fox News contributor and has been making some interesting statements regarding Black History month, the BET awards and other similarly controversial topics. Dash has stated that she thinks award ceremonies that only recognize black people are a “double standard” and should be done away with. She also believes that Black History month should be eliminated because there isn’t also a white history month and that ultimately, “we’re Americans. Period.”

So it’s no surprise that her recent cameo at the Oscars in which she wished everyone a “happy Black History Month” didn’t really land with the crowd. Immediately after her appearance, the camera cut away to model and host Chrissy Teigen’s cringing face which succinctly summed up what everyone else was thinking. We can’t wait for Dash to direct some her crazy in Teigen’s direction for that shade and we hope that Teigen responds simply with a GIF of that wonderful stank face she made.


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