5 Sports Stars Who Were Notorious Gamblers

One of the biggest pitfalls of being one of the most popular athletes in any sport is all the temptations that await when you receive those millions of dollars in a paycheck or signing bonus – drugs, alcohol, women and other luxurious spending without any saving.

Yet one of the most common habits that can ruin the post-sports lives of these athletes is the craving to gamble in an effort to grow their bank account even more. It’s almost as thrilling as being able to take the field of competition and making a big play in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Bruce Yeung / Shutterstock.com
Bruce Yeung / Shutterstock.com

Not everyone has the ability to put up a lot of money on the line at a poker or dice table without risking everything. The thing is that many of these athletes took that risk as if they were playing the penny slots. The following names come from just a few of those stories and they all differ in the types of gambles they took.

Nonetheless, many of them lost everything and went from the most prominent in their respective game to tragic stories that teach people what not to do. The tales of gambling involved in sports moved beyond just someone placing a bet or playing a lot of games of chance. In some cases, entire organizations were involved.