5 Most Expensive Pieces of Disney Memorabilia

Disney films hold a special place in our hearts. Some of us grew up watching the classic fairy tales, while others watched the films with our children or shared them through generations. Whether your favorite princess is Snow White, or you’re more partial to Aladdin and his monkey, you have to agree that Disney characters and films have made special connections with generations of devoted fans.

With entire theme parks, movies, toys, books, and everything you can imagine devoted to our beloved Disney characters, comes an abundance of items that can be sold and resold. Whether they’re original items auctioned off for thousands of dollars, Swarovski crusted figurines, or just a simple keychain, you can find Disney memorabilia at a wide variety of prices.

chrisdorney / Shutterstock.com

chrisdorney / Shutterstock.com

Although most of us will watch the films with some sentimental feelings, some people take their love of Disney much further. With collectors able to access specialty memorabilia items on auction sites like eBay, it’s now possible to spend thousands of dollars on a Disney collectibles. Check out the 5 most expensive pieces of Disney memorabilia.

Genie Figurine, $1,500

This glitzy figurine has over three thousand crystals and will dazzle you more than the Genie’s magic. The price tag is over a grand, which is more than some people’s monthly income. This Genie doesn’t grant wishes, but it is at the top of the wish list for some collectors. It costs over a thousand dollars for this display piece, and can be matched with Jasmine, Aladdin, and other characters for $1,500 each.

Diamond Icon Mickey Mouse Ring, $3,950

This diamond ring runs at almost a four thousand dollar price tag and will show off your love of Disney in a dainty style. It has five diamond encrusted mouse ear icons in a gold band and will glitter almost as much as Cinderella’s castle.


Opening Day Guidebook, $13,275

One avid Disneyland fan won the bid for an original guidebook used on opening day at the famous park. The bidder spent over thirteen thousand dollars on the item, which was complete with a signature from Walt Disney himself.

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