27 Former NHL Superstars: Where Are They Now?

The NHL is nearly a century old. As such, it’s seen a lot of superstars come and go in its ranks. What happens to these people after retirement, after they’ve seen their last concussion and final broken teeth from an errant puck? Can one ever really quit something they spend their whole life doing?

As it turns out, yes, for some of them at least, you can go on after hockey is over. These folks are now just your average retirees, puttering around playing shuffleboard, managing multimillion dollar teams, making celebrity appearances, visiting grandchildren; all those things that your average Joe can be found doing.

27. Wayne Gretzky

Gretzky went nearly everywhere since retirement. He appeared in over 600 roles as himself on screens of various sizes. He’s been involved in various business ventures and even a few video games. His latest appearance in the media was to endorse and heap praise upon recently deposed Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

26. Claude Lemieux

During his career, Lemieux earned the right to be called one of the top ten most hated NHL players of all time, for such antics as biting opponents’ fingers, and giving Kris Draper of the Detroit Red Wings a concussion, broken jaw, broken nose, and broken cheekbone all at once. Since his violent and storied career, he became president of the Phoenix RoadRunners and has appeared on Pros vs. Joes and reality show Battle of the Blades. Today, Claude is the president of hockey equipment company GRAF Canada, and is also the president of 4Sports and Entertainment, a Swiss company representing hockey players.

25. Dominik Hasek

After retiring in 2008, this accomplished goalie went back to hockey to retire again four years later. Since then he and his wife divorced by mutual consent after 27 years of marriage. He swears he’s finally done with professional hockey, but is lobbying the NHL to play in the 2018 Winter Olympics.


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