27 Former NHL Superstars: Where Are They Now?

The NHL is nearly a century old. As such, it’s seen a lot of superstars come and go in its ranks. What happens to these people after retirement, after they’ve seen their last concussion and final broken teeth from an errant puck? Can one ever really quit something they spend their whole life doing?

As it turns out, yes, for some of them at least, you can go on after hockey is over. These folks are now just your average retirees, puttering around playing shuffleboard, managing multimillion dollar teams, making celebrity appearances, visiting grandchildren; all those things that your average Joe can be found doing.

27. Wayne Gretzky

Gretzky went nearly everywhere since retirement. He appeared in over 600 roles as himself on screens of various sizes. He’s been involved in various business ventures and even a few video games. His latest appearance in the media was to endorse and heap praise upon recently deposed Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

kris krüg
kris krüg