22 Most Awkward Celebrity Christmas Albums of All Time

NBC Celebrity Christmas

Back in 2001, someone at NBC Television decided that the dad from 3rd Rock From the Sun and Lilith from Frasier needed to sing a duet. Joined by the likes of Jay Leno, Martin Sheen, Stockard Channing and Megan Mullally; John Lithgow and Bebe Neurwirth will take you back to a simpler time before Netflix when NBC still had good shows.

Snoop Dogg – Christmas in tha Dogghouse

Snoop Dogg wants you to know that Christmas isn’t just for children, it’s for pimps too! If your grandma is looking to spice up her Christmas playlist, recommend she check out Snoop’s 2008 Christmas album on which he rhymes “Saint Nick” with “lick” and sings more about his silver Benz than he does about silver bells.

Billy Idol – Happy Holidays

Exchanging his usual “White Wedding” for a “White Christmas,” Billy Idol brings his signature snarl and spikey hair to this bizarre Christmas album. What are even better are the accompanying music videos in which Idol frolics among the softly falling fake snow.


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