22 Most Awkward Celebrity Christmas Albums of All Time

Duck Dynasty – Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas

After milking their 15 minutes of fame as much as they could, the Robertson clan managed tried to squeeze out a few more drops with their 2013 Christmas album, Duck the Halls. Joined by country singers Luke Bryan, George Strait and sadly, Alisson Krauss (who we thought had a little more self-respect) the Duck Dynasty exclusive Walmart release included everyone’s favourite carol, “Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Christmas”.

Regis Philbin – The Regis Philbin Christmas Album

On the creatively titled, The Regis Philbin Christmas Album, the daytime talk show host proves that his singing voice is just as bland and ineffective as his on-screen persona. Enjoy his inoffensive rendition of Dean Martin’s “Marshmallow World” and cringe at his mercifully unsexy version of “Baby Its Cold Outside”. Find it in a bargain bin near you!

Kathie Lee Gifford – It’s Christmas & Christmas Carols

TV personality and wine enthusiast Kathie Lee Gifford outshines her former co-host Philbin in both talent and creative album titles with It’s Christmas and Christmas Carols. From them, we learned that the only thing Kathie loves as much as wine is posing in wreaths.


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