22 Most Awkward Celebrity Christmas Albums of All Time

Bob Dylan – Christmas in the Heart

Some fans turned their backs on Dylan when he went electric, but we turned on him after he went Christmas. Dylan’s unbelievably terrible polka rendition of “Must Be Santa” was accompanied by an equally bizarre hoedown music video that has us looking forward to the day when we too are so old that we no longer have to give any f­­***s.

William Hung – Hung for the Holidays

Remember when the whole world went mad and everyone cruelly pretended that William Hung had a real music career? One music exec took the joke a little too far when they greenlit the album, Hung for the Holidays. On it the former American Idol contestant warbles his way through “Silver Bells” and “Winter Wonderland”, along with the popular Christmas hymn, Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta – This Christmas

“I Think You Might Like It” said John and Olivia; but the world said, “we don’t.” The former Grease co-stars hoped their first project together in 20 years would delight fans, but instead it irked critics who referred to it as “a trainwreck,” a “slush-fest” and “devoid of sentiment.” Ouch.


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