22 Most Awkward Celebrity Christmas Albums of All Time

Christmas is a time for terrible family photos, cringey gift opening reactions and off-putting conversations with your racist uncle. Why not add to the awkwardness of it all and throw on some awful celebrity Christmas albums? Here are a few holiday releases to help you set the mood to “uncomfortable.”

Jessica Simpson – ReJoyce: The Christmas Album

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the early ‘00s, slip on your Juicy Couture tracksuit and pop in Jessica Simpson’s 2004 album, ReJoyce. If you ever wondered what “O Holy Night” would sound like if sung by a sexy baby, here’s your answer. One question we still have though is: Who’s Joyce?

New Kids on the Block – Merry, Merry Christmas

One “merry” simply wouldn’t have been enough to express the amount of joy New Kids on the Block wants you to experience during the Yuletide season. Nor would one “funky” have been enough to relay just how funky their song “Funky, Funky Xmas” is. Also, this album is very, very terrible.


David Hasselhoff – The Night Before Christmas

Nothing gets you in the holiday mood like the sounds of David Hasselhoff yelling at his kids to shut the hell up and go to bed. (“Come ON, guys!”). We’d probably yell at our kids too if they sang that off-key on our Christmas album.

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