21 Most Outrageously Groomed Poodles

Dog shows are a billion dollar industry, and participants often spend more on their pets than their house or car to secure a place in the annals of animal history.

Exclusive and eccentric, dog shows attract such a specific clientele that they inspired Christopher Guest’s spot-on mockumentary Best in Show.

But today’s dog shows are a whole new breed, and have become as decadent as Hollywood hair shows, which are all about pushing boundaries and turning hair into outrageous sculpture. The latest trend in doggie styling is Creative Grooming, which features over-the-top competitions that are colorful, extravagant and jaw droppingly complex with pooches as living works of art.

trinityfoto / Shutterstock.com
trinityfoto / Shutterstock.com

And the good-natured poodle, with so much curly white hair and a high threshold for embarrassment, apparently, seems to make the perfect canvas. There’s no shame in their pimped-out, primped-up game.


Catherine Opson of Estrella Pet Grooming in California created this Sesame Street-inspired design in 2012. It was also featured in a British documentary that went behind the scenes of the Creative Pet Grooming World Championships in Hershey, Pennsylvania. For more about the dynamic dogs featured in the doggie doc, click here.