2015’s Youngest Millionaires

Ever felt like you’re too young to have accomplished anything in your life? Here is a list of people who have excelled in their chosen field, persevered, and risen to the top of their industry — or inherited a bucket of money from their parents — all before the age of 40.

7. Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy

Even Spiegel (25) and Robert Murphy (27) met at Stanford during their undergrad, and together founded the amazingly popular app Snapchat. Although they already had one failed app under their belts together, they worked diligently on Snapchat, even putting the bulk of their expenses on their personal credit cards when they had as many as 40,000 users on the app. They zealously guarded their idea, and refused to take money from venture capitalists who wanted to steal it. Now, their combined net worth is over $3 billion.


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6. Julio Mario Santo Domingo III

Although most people known Julio Mario Santo Domingo III (29) as the music artist behind the DJ group Sheik ’n’ Beik, many people don’t know that he is the heir to the Bavaria Brewery empire. His grandfather left his gigantic fortune, totaling over $13 billion, in parts to his grandson and other family members. Although most of his inheritance did come in cash, he also inherited the world’s largest collection of opium pipes and vintage drug memorabilia. Domingo III currently lives in a $4 million penthouse in New York City, and spends most of his time promoting Sheik ’n’ Beik.

5. Elizabeth Holmes

A visionary scientist and tech genius, Elizabeth Holmes is the founder and CEO of Theranos, a blood diagnostics company that pioneered the use of the blood testing “lab-on-a-chip” technology. Currently 31 years old, she has 18 US patents and 66 pending patents to her name, and is focused on making blood testing cheaper and more readily available to people in America who may not be able to afford it otherwise. Her net worth currently sits at $4.6 billion, and she is the only woman on the Forbes list of self-made billionaires.


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