20 Undertaker Dream Matches We Want to See

Over the course of his legendary career, the Undertaker has become one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Who could forget his iconic matches against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25 and 26? Or the brutal beatdown he put on Mick Foley at the 1998 King of the Ring?

Even though the legendary streak has come to an end, The Undertaker is still main-eventing WWE pay-per-views on occasion. While the Deadman seems to be immortal, his wrestling career is unfortunately nearing its end. But before we throw Taker a retirement party, let’s take a look at some of the most epic dream matches that we wish we could’ve seen.

20. Gillberg

During the Attitude Era, WCW built a new top star known as Goldberg. However, most WWE fans felt that Goldberg was a complete rip-off of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Instead of acknowledging Goldberg, WWE decided to parody him.

A character known as Gillberg was introduced to the WWE in the late ‘90s, and placing him in a matchup against the Undertaker would prove to be the ultimate squash match. How funny would it be to see Gillberg getting choke-slammed and Tombstoned by the master of darkness?


19. Goldberg

While number 20 of our list was clearly a joke, Goldberg could potentially have an epic matchup against the Phenom. It’s true that Goldberg isn’t the most talented professional wrestler in the history of sports entertainment, but he is definitely one of the most powerful superstars that has ever appeared on WWE television.

Goldberg’s moveset was limited, but his Jackhammer and Spear were great finishing moves that could potentially take out the Undertaker. However, The Undertaker does have a history of beating men larger than himself, and he would most likely pull out the victory against Goldberg.

18. Chris Benoit

Before Chris Benoit became a murdering lunatic, he was known as one of the most skilled wrestlers in the history of the WWE and WCW. Chris Benoit’s personal life has ruined his chances of ever entering the WWE Hall of Fame. However, his level of skill and ring IQ cannot be denied.

A matchup between the Undertaker and Chris Benoit at the grandest stage of them all would have surely turned into an instant classic. Benoit’s high flying and high intensity style would have pushed the Undertaker to the brink of destruction, but the Phenom would have most likely prevailed with his incredible power and submission skill-set. Nonetheless, it’s very unfortunate that we will never know what would’ve taken place between the Crippler and the Phenom.

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