20 Stories of Police Behaving Badly

Becoming a police officer is a noble profession that requires bravery, intelligence, and a willingness to risk your life daily to “serve and protect.”

However, in the last few years, the headlines about police shootings, abuse, and corruption have been nonstop, proving that a few bad apples can spoil the bunch.

Here are 20 stories of police officers who were caught on their worst behavior.

1. Police Sample Wares in Pot Shop Raid

In 2015, three police officers were caught on a security tape while conducting a raid on

a Santa Ana, CA cannabis dispensary. After breaking down the doors, they attempted to dismantle the security cameras, but accidently missed one. The missed camera caught the officers making fun of a disabled customer in a wheel chair and sampling edible cannabis products while on-duty.

Pe3k / Shutterstock

Pe3k / Shutterstock


Cop Insists on Cavity Check During Traffic Stop

A lawsuit was filed against an Aiken, SC police officer who pulled over an African American couple for driving a car with dealer tags. Despite the tags being legal and unexpired, the cop searched the car and called in a K9 unit before finally insisting on conducting an invasive cavity search on the male passenger. Dash cam video supports the victims’ story, but the police deny any wrongdoing.

Monika Gruszewicz / Shutterstock

Monika Gruszewicz / Shutterstock

3. Policeman Offers Homeless Man a Poo Sandwich

A San Antonio police officer lost his job last year when he confessed to giving a homeless man a sandwich made of excrement as a cruel prank. After bragging to his colleagues about his deed, his fellow cops turned the officer in and he was taken off the force. It was later speculated that the officer could be put back on … ahem … duty.

praszkiewicz / Shutterstock

praszkiewicz / Shutterstock

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