20 Scariest WWE Superstars of All Time

8. Mankind

Only Mick Foley could turn an asymmetrical leather mask, a sock puppet, and a blousy, sweat-stained shirt into something that would horrify the wrestling world. Mankind could make fans laugh, but the insane amount of brutality he could endure was like watching a torture session in slow motion, as evidenced by the infamous Hell in the Cell match with The Undertaker in 1998.

Mankind was missing teeth, rambled nonsense in an oddly pitched voice, and seemed oblivious to his own pain. When Foley finally retired, fans mourned the loss of a one-of-a-kind presence in the ring, but understood that even one of the most terrifying wrestlers in history could only take so much punishment to their body.

7. Paul Bearer

On paper, Paul Bearer would be considered little more than a joke, but the reality of the character formed a new beast. He was the mastermind behind The Undertaker and orchestrated matches that turned into wrestling lore. Bearer’s high-pitched voice should have frightened anyone, but coupled with his ghastly make-up, cheap mortician suits, and sleazy demeanor, the falsetto added an extra layer weird that pushed the character into memories of every WWE viewer. Fondly remembered as one of the most original characters, but still feared for his spooky antics, Paul Bearer was the gatekeeper to Hell.


6. Sycho Sid Vicious

Sycho Sid was unhinged and evil when it came to inflicting pain. He wanted nothing more than to hear his opponent scream, beg, and simply lose consciousness. In and out of the ring, Sid was portrayed as one step past crazy and he gave audiences the thrill of never being able to guess what he would do next, how far he would go, and whether or not this time he would go too far. His intensity was his signature and he had a slightly unbalanced gleam in his eye that spoke to his off-kilter mental state.

Sid would go on to take on The Undertaker himself at a WrestleMania match before Sid disappeared from the roster.

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