20 Scariest WWE Superstars of All Time

14. Giant Gonzalez

Giant Gonzalez was 7’6″ and used his height and nearly 500-pound heft to destroy his opponents. Giant entered the ring in a full bodysuit with muscles painted on it as if he was a walking anatomy lesson. His bushy beard created the effect of making the giant appear to be a sasquatch. At the pinnacle of his career, Giant took on the Undertaker at WrestleMania IX to dethrone the king, but was defeated in an epic battle between two shockingly fearsome wrestlers.

13. Gangrel

The only fanged member of The Brood, Gangrel began as 1/3 of a wrestling team with Edge and Christian. Gangrel’s bizarre vampire persona was ramped up to 11 with his antics, including drinking blood from a goblet and spitting the liquid into the air, at opponents, and his own team. Blood became a central theme associated with Gangrel and The Brood and only worked in their favor to both gross out and creep out the fans. Gangrel was a vampire no preteen would ever read a book about.

12. Kevin Thorn & Ariel

As part of a team of vampires, Kevin Thorn and Ariel took Gangrel’s bloodsucking creepiness to new heights and with a romantic twist. The gruesome pair kissing and baring their fangs at one another was enough to make stomachs turn and chills run down the spine, but they managed to bring their dark affection into the ring and seduce and curse their opponents into submitting and enjoying it. Kevin Thorn’s debut on ECW intrigued wrestling fans and was a portent for ghoulish things to come.


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