20 Scariest WWE Superstars of All Time

Every wrestling fan has a favorite WWE superstar. Pure fan devotion will make certain wrestlers memorable to some, but instilling fear or revulsion is the best way to imprint a character on the collective wrestling psyche.

The scariest WWE superstars range from bizarre and creepy to downright nightmare inducing. However, they all have one thing in common: the ability to create and carry out a gimmick that will haunt professional wrestling until the end of days. We have compiled a list of the 20 WWE superstars whose mere names can inspire grown men to quake in their boots.

20. Doink the Clown

“Clowns aren’t scary!” Half the readers of this article are declaring, while the other half is resolutely skipping this first entry to avoid being reminded that clowns exist.

Not all clowns are meant to be scary, but this one did a good job of it when he burst on the wrestling scene in 1992. Doink started out pulling cruel pranks on other wrestlers and children in the audience and lashing out at opponents with prosthetic limbs before he mellowed out in later years, turning on other villains. He notoriously had a feud with Jerry Lawler that culminated in matches between Doink’s crew of little people and Lawler’s equally diminutive team.

Despite his turnaround, Doink reminds viewers that you have no idea what may really lurk under that clown makeup.


19. The Wild Samoans

Debuting in the ‘70s, the Wild Samoans frightened wrestling fans with their silent intimidation tactics. The duo would grunt or speak in a made-up language that could be understood by no one except their manager, Captain Lou Albano. During interviews, the Wild Samoans scowled at the camera, eyeballed the camera, bit chunks out of raw fish, and picked their noses in lieu of answering questions. They were known never to break character and that helped build their legend.

These superstars would open the door for a flood of blood relations into the wrestling world, including Roman Reigns, The Usos, and The Rock.

18. Bull Nakano

Tall blue hair, reminiscent of Eraserhead, Bull Nakano dominated the best of the best female WWE superstars. She looked terrifying with weirdly drawn make-up and sky-high hair that defied gravity. Aggression and mercilessness were her main personality quirks and viewers knew Bull was going to inflict pain.

Bull debuted in 1983 and ruled the ring for 14 years before leaving wrestling. She is still looked back fondly for taming Alundra Blayze.

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