20 Most Decorated Tag Teams in WWE History

Tag team wrestling has always been a crucial part of the WWE’s history. When a tag team match is done correctly, it can be just as thrilling for the fans as any singles match. Tag team wrestling forces the superstars to develop a wide range of technical skills in the ring, which is why nearly every major star in the WWE has spent some time in a tag team.

Whether you are a singles wrestler or in a tag team, the goal of every WWE wrestler is to win a title. These 20 tag teams did that better than all of their rivals. All ties in terms of title reigns were split based on the amount of days each tag team held their titles.

20. The Legion of Doom – 2 Titles

The Legion of Doom are easily one of the most popular tag teams in the history of professional wrestling, but they actually only held the tag team titles two times for a total of 213 days. While the Hall of Fame team of Animal and Hawk had a great career lasting over 20 years, they were not given much of a chance to carry the tag team division in the WWE. Animal did manage to win the win the tag team titles one more time with Heidenreich as his partner in 2005.


19. The Usos – 2 Titles

The Usos made their WWE debut in 2012, and they have already risen to be one of the most decorated tag teams in the company’s history with two title reigns lasting a total of 257 days. The twin sons of WWE star Rikishi are only 30 years old, so they have plenty of time to continue to rise up this list. The weak tag team division in the WWE right now should not make it that hard for The Usos to get another title reign.

18. Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito – 2 Titles

Mr. Fuji may be best known to current wrestling fans as a manager, but he had a prolific career in the ring before he was forced to retire from wrestling in 1985. Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito held the WWE Tag Team titles two times for a total of 363 days in the early 1980s. Neither wrestler went on to have a successful singles career, but nobody knew how to master the teamwork of tag team wrestling like these two.

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