20 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Press Moments

Michael Bay

Action film director and explosion enthusiast Michael Bay probably used to think spitting out lines was no big deal, until he found himself on the other side of the camera. While teaming up with Samsung for a press conference to promote one of their new televisions, Bay froze on stage on when the teleprompter stopped working. After a lukewarm attempt to improv the rest, Bay gave up, apologized and more or less ran off the stage.

Everyone at the Tidal Press Conference

Tidal has been making a lot of waves in the music industry as of late and celebs like Jay-Z and Kanye West have been championing the subscription music streaming service. Their recent press conference in LA showed off some of that star power, but having so many egos on the stage made things kind of weird. Whether it was Madonna and DeadMau5’s clumsy failed handshake, Alicia Key’s exuberant proselytizing about Tidal in which she quoted Frederick Nietzsche or Jack White’s obvious discomfort about being seen there at all, the whole thing just felt… off — and did nothing to quell our suspicions about Tidal’s ties to the Illuminati. It’s a thing, guys!

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