20 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Press Moments

Chris Brown

The world was shocked and saddened when pictures of Rihanna’s swollen and bruised face were leaked to the press after the news dropped that she’d been beaten by her then boyfriend, rapper Chris Brown. What wasn’t surprising was his half-hearted apology video after the fact in which he can’t even bring himself to say what he’s apologizing for. Brown also claimed to have “great pride in being able to exercise self-control,” basically saying that we’re lucky that he doesn’t go around punching every woman he sees.

Gloria Allred

Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred has taken on some high-profile sex scandals so she isn’t squeamish when it comes to the unsavory facts of a case. However, maybe she should have toned it down a bit when she held a press conference regarding the homophobic slurs supposedly used by Atlanta Braves coach Roger McDowell.

Flanked by two rather young children, Allred went into great detail about the coach’s behavior, even going so far as to recreate the lewd gestures he supposedly made with a baseball bat. Not in front of the children, Gloria.


Anthony Weiner

Politician Anthony Weiner certainly lived up to his name when he admitted to having multiple online extramarital affairs back in 2011. The New York Democrat gave a press conference with his wife by his side after a photo of his bulging crotch appeared on his Twitter account. At first Weiner used the tired excuse that he was “hacked” but in the press conference admitted that “the picture was of me, and I sent it.”

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