20 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Press Moments

Johnny Depp

In a turducken of apologies and cringeworthiness, Johnny Depp awkwardly apologized for his awkward apology at a recent press conference for his film Alice Through the Looking Glass. Depp and his now soon to be ex-wife Amber Heard were both forced to post a video apologizing for illegally bringing their dogs into Australia. Later, Depp mocked his own apology video as well as Australia’s strict biohazard laws, showing just how not-sorry he truly was.

Brian Williams

Brian “Action” Williams was accused of getting a little too caught up in the news. In 2015, it was revealed that Williams had a history of embellishment, most notably claiming to have been aboard a helicopter that was under enemy fire in Iraq when he most definitely wasn’t. Williams was fired from his gig on NBC news and appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer to offer an apology, but declined to comment on which other news stories he’d rewritten over the years.

Kobe Bryant

It seems as if everyone has dismissed the sex scandal that nearly ended Kobe Bryant’s career; but who could forget about the epic apology that followed? Tightly clutching his wife Vanessa’s hand, Bryant held a press conference in which he apologized to the woman in question (but was careful to point out that it was NOT an admission of guilt), to his fans and to his wife. If that weren’t enough, Bryant was later said to have bought his wife a $4 million apology ring.


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