20 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Press Moments

Reese Witherspoon

A few years ago, nobody would have thought that southern sweetheart Reese Witherspoon would have anything to apologize for, but that was before the drunken temper tantrum she threw after her husband was arrested on suspicion of a DUI in 2013. Witherspoon, who reportedly said things like, “Do you know my name?” during the episode, later went on Good Morning America to plead for forgiveness.

Tom Hardy

A standard film festival circuit press conference turned sour when actor Tom Hardy was asked a question that he didn’t like. While promoting the film Legend, Hardy was asked about his supposed ambiguous sexuality. Hardy replied with a simple, “what on earth are you on about?” followed by a dismissive, “thank you,” making it pretty clear to all just how Hardy felt about the whole thing.

Lars Von Trier

Arthouse director Lars Von Trier has long been known for his bizarre films, but after running his mouth at a 2011 Cannes conference that’s not all he’s known for. In a press conference alongside the cast of his film Melancholia, Von Trier inexplicably started talking about how he “understood Hitler” while a mortified Kirstin Dunst tried to get him to stop talking. Her face really just says it all.


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