20 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Press Moments

Bob Knight

Long known for his antics, famed NBA coach Bob Knight didn’t disappoint at a 1993 conference when he was asked how he thought one of his players would perform next year. Knight proceeded to rub his water glass as if it were a genie’s lamp and pretend to predict the future… for a solid two minutes. Never mind the fact that genie lamps and crystal balls are not the same thing. You keep doing you, Bob.

Mila Kunis

When Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were doing press in Russia for their 2011 movie Friends with Benefits, things took an awkward turn when Kunis impressively smacked down a journalist – in Russian, no less. A native Russian speaker, Kunis berated the journalist for asking why a musician like Timberlake was making movies, in turn asking her why she was there doing her own job. Go Mila!


Things got weird when U2 teamed up with Apple back in 2014. The band appeared alongside Apple CEO Tim Cook at a press conference that was full of strange moments – including this bizarre finger touching thing between Cook and Bono, which is the internet gif(t) that keeps on giving.


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