20 Greatest U.S. WWE Champions of All Time

Since the WWE World Heavyweight Championship entered the wrestling scene back on April 29, 1963, the belt and federation itself have gone through various name changes and the title has been claimed by an astonishing archive of well-deserved and respected champions.

Kick back with a beverage colder than Stone Cold Steve Austin and enjoy our list of the 20 Greatest U.S. WWE Champions of all time.

20. Mankind

Although he only held the title for a combined reign of 47 days, Mankind did manage to hold the WWE title on three separate occasions. Always a fan favorite who would never shy away from the most hardcore of matches, Mick “Mankind” Foley worked his way up the ECW and WCW ranks before tasting WWE glory a few times.

Defeating The Rock twice for the title during their historic feud, Mankind also defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin in a triple threat match also featuring Triple H to reclaim the sweet taste of the title for the final time.

Truly embracing his namesake of Mankind, Foley is a true humanitarian who advanced wrestling for the greater good during his eccentric and impressive career.


19. Seth Rollins

Considering he is just truly entering the prime of his career, Seth Rollins has earned his place on this list. Claiming the title in a triple threat win over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, the title reign of Rollins was unexpected cut short after Rollins suffered a knee injury and the title was vacated. Assuming Rollins can bounce back from injury, he is certain to have several more shots at the title in the years to come.

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